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Developing plugins for Liferay DXP with Maven

A new major version of Liferay has been release past May with a lot of new features. One of the most important is related to plug-ins architecture. Basically Liferay is a web application running in a Java EE application container where plug-ins were built as separate web applications. But DXP introduces a module framework based on the OSGi architecture.

But… What it is OSGi? As defined by OSGi Alliance (the organization in charge of this specification): The OSGi technology is a set of specifications that define a dynamic component system for Java. These specifications enable a development model where applications are (dynamically) composed of many different (reusable) components. As the aim of this article is not the OSGi architecture but how it is implemented within Liferay, we are not going to deepen in OSGi specification.  In fact, you do not need to be very familiar with all the OSGI architecture for develop plug-ins for Liferay DXP. You only need to understand this 2 concepts: modules and components.

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