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Game On - Elastic Stack with FIFA 2019

August 16, 2019

This article is the beginning of our Elastic Stack article series, that explains the Elastic Stack for Beginners and curious people. I use football data as the basis for our demonstrations and examples for three reasons. The first reason is that the football (soccer) season starts again this weekend. I live in the city of the current Swiss Football champion (Bsc Young Boys). I want them to succeed again this season. The final reason is my little nephew. On my summer vacation visit, my nephew asked me what I do for a living in Switzerland: Software Engineering and Architecture for Distributed…

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Getting to Cloud DevOps: A Basic Checklist

July 31, 2019

With cloud platforms such as Cloud Foundry more and more teams move from a development-only team to a DevOps-enabled team. The aim in doing so is in continuously improving the application development lifecycle by moving fast from idea to production. Though, with development and operations efforts that need to get done some teams have less operations experience and neglect some important operational aspects. This blog post comprises a basic checklist that teams can go along and decide for themselves whether they want to increase efforts for a specific topic. Personally, I believe that any real…

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