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Locating Applications on Cloud Foundry Diego

September 28, 2018

Cloud Foundry deploys application containers on so-called Diego cells. Each Diego cell runs a number of application containers and exposes the applications through random ports on the Diego cell. This blog post shows some very useful debugging and analysis tricks for Diego. First, we determine the Cloud Foundry app belonging to a Diego container and second, we locate the containers for a specific application URL using the cfdot command line utility.

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Testing, the little, annoying sister of coding

September 15, 2018

Is testing like the little sister we have to take everywhere, but nobody wants to have her with us? What is our experience with software testing? Testing is annoying, time-consuming and is often omitted because time is running out at the end of a project. Some may ask the provocative question, why should we test at all? Is the benefit of testing higher than the cost?

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Using Stencil Built Web Components with Ionic

September 12, 2018

This post aims at providing clear instructions on how to use components created and compiled with Stencil on an Ionic application. I will guide you in the process of making your web component available in your Ionic templates, without the need of registering them in the npm registry or adding ugly script tags to your index file.

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JSCamp 2018 Barcelona

September 6, 2018

Every year, new conferences and events pop up showing the wonders of technologies and frameworks. This year's newcomer was JSCamp, a two day Javascript-focused event celebrated in the beautiful city of Barcelona, which I participated in back in July.

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Taking Open-Source Cloud Foundry to Production

August 30, 2018

Running open-source Cloud Foundry is a challenging task. Compared to vendor-distilled distributions deploying open-source Cloud Foundry requires in-depth knowledge of BOSH and Cloud Foundry itself. This blog post shows solutions to typical operations topics when taking open-source Cloud Foundry to production and gives an overview of what it takes to run the Cloud Foundry core itself.

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