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Onion Architecture With Spring Boot (1/2)

December 31, 2020

The hexagonal-like architectures are helping to increase the longevity of software, effectively eliminating the coupling between the coded business knowledge and the technology. In a couple of posts I will share with you mimacom's way of tackling Onion Architecture with Spring Boot. In this first part I will give you more insights about it through a github-hosted example showing a simple implementation of ShoppingList's API's.

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Testing Pessimistic Locking Handling with Spring Boot and JPA

September 25, 2020

Testing pessimistic locking handling in JPA is tricky because of the lack of JPA support of LockTimeout by different RDBMS providers. Yet leaving a critical part of the code untested is against the software craftsmanship's principles. In this blog post, I will show you through the medium of 3 GitHub projects how you could test it within Spring Boot Application against Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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