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Taking Open-Source Cloud Foundry to Production

August 30, 2018

Running open-source Cloud Foundry is a challenging task. Compared to vendor-distilled distributions deploying open-source Cloud Foundry requires in-depth knowledge of BOSH and Cloud Foundry itself. This blog post shows solutions to typical operations topics when taking open-source Cloud Foundry to production and gives an overview of what it takes to run the Cloud Foundry core itself.

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Performing Multi-label Text Classification with Keras

July 31, 2018

Text classification is a common task where machine learning is applied. Be it questions on a Q&A platform, a support request, an insurance claim or a business inquiry - all of these are usually written in free form text and use vocabulary which might be specific to a certain field. This article demonstrates how such classification problems can be tackled with the open source neural network library Keras.

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July 23, 2018

agile@mimacom describes our way of working with scrum within projects. In this blog post I want to share our mindset about scrum with you in order to give you an understanding of the mimacom way and how we are striving to improve our way of working.

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