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Deploying Concourse as BOSH Deployment

May 7, 2018

Concourse is a highly versatile continuous-thing-doer. At mimacom, we use Concourse a lot to automate Cloud Foundry deployments and naturally, when there is Cloud Foundry there is also BOSH as underlying deployment automation. Concourse has different deployment options, of which one is a BOSH deployment. In this blog post we will walk through how to prepare and setup a Concourse BOSH deployment.

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DRY Kubernetes with Helm

May 4, 2018

One of the coolest facets of Kubernetes is the declarative deployment descriptors. You describe what the system should look like and Kubernetes makes it happen. One of the worst facets of Kubernetes is the declarative deployment descriptors... A typical system constructed of micro-services will consist of dozens of configuration files, most of which will be virtually identical to all others. This post will explain how to manage these configuration files in a DRY (do not repeat yourself) way using Helm.

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