QCON London 2020

March 17, 2020

The last week I attended to the QCon London 2020 Conference (thanks mimacom for the opportunity!). It was a cool experience where I had the chance to learn from others' experience on software engineering. These are the notes I made for the talks that caught my attention the most:

Why Distributed Systems Are Hard (by Denise Yu)

If you want to learn more, the references used for the presentation are at https://deniseyu.io/qcon.

Even if this talk was nice in general, I got lost sometimes: I missed some structure on the presentation of problems vs solutions.

Managing for Mental Wellbeing in the Tech Industry (by Michelle O'Sulivan)

I found the latter "Get a senior leader champion - storytelling" particularly important: Once a someone perceived as a senior in their role gets to tell how they have suffered mental illness and how they managed it, other people on the organization becomes more receptive and open to talk about their experience, creating a snowball effect that can change the work culture of a company.

How to Debug Your Team (by Lisa van Gelder)

Speeding Up ML Development with MLFlow (by Hien Luu)

I found this talk particularly interesting because on my experience with Machine Learning projects, it is quickly noticeable that a tool to handle the lifecycle of the models is required, for example, to track which model was trained with which data set, or to perform experiments on the parameters to train the model and track the results for later comparision, being this true also for choosing which data has more influence on the output.

It was not mentioned on the talk, but some of the alternatives to MLFlow are PipelineAI and Polyaxon. Here you can find a nice discussion regarding the differences against other tools from the point of view of an MLFlow contributor.

Keep Calm and Secure Your CI/CD Pipeline (by Sonya Moisset)

Other nice thoughts shared or provoked during talks


On this blog post, I posted some of the notes I made while attending the talks that I found the most interesting at the QCon 2020. It was a good "conference experience" - The organizers set the tone properly to make sure everyone feels welcome by setting a clear code of conduct. Also, measures were taken to reduce the risks regarding the current corona virus situation.

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