Migrating JUnit4 Rules to JUnit5

May 10, 2020

Writing tests is time consuming and can contain many repetitive tasks like setting up the specific configuration and cleaning the context after the test. To best follow the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle, I started implementing JUnit4 rules. In this blog post, I will show how I migrated a JUnit4 rule to JUnit5.

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Testing an Apache Kafka Integration within a Spring Boot Application and JUnit 5

March 29, 2020

Almost two years have passed since I wrote my first integration test for a Kafka Spring Boot application. It took me a lot of research to write this first integration test and I eventually ended up to write a blog post on testing Kafka with Spring Boot. There was not too much information out there about writing those tests and at the end it was really simple to do it, but undocumented. I have seen a lot of feedback and interaction with my previous blog post and the GitHub Gist. Since then spring-kafka-test changed two times the usage pattern and JUnit 5 has been introduces. That means theā€¦

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