How to create an interactive map with SVG and jQuery

Any similarities to actual projects, real or ficticious is merely coincidental and the product of a feverish imagination… or not.

Every of us have that moment when you discovered that the thing you never heard about it, it must have been done yesterday.

That is the time you remember all the cool things that can be done with svg. And of course with jQuery. Yes I know nowadays the use of jQuery on production environment is a sin. But who save your bacon 10 years ago. Old sins never go out of style.

This article is about how to make an interactive map in 8 steps.

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Liferay DevOps

DevOps became necessary tool/approach in developer and sysadmin life. Most of companies introduced or will introduce own mechanisms to automate internal software processes. There are many programs that simplify and automate software development, delivery and integration. Combination of DevOps tools (for example Docker, Git, Jenkins, Bamboo, Bash scripts, Nagios etc.) can minimize human effort.

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Novedades con Elastic Stack 5.x (Spanish Version)

En octubre del año pasado ha sido liberada de manera oficial la versión 5.0.0. Desde entonces, han ido saliendo periódicamente actualizaciones y nuevas versiones del stack (la última mientras escribo este artículo es la 5.2.1, del 14 de febrero de 2017).

Sin embargo, desde mimacom hemos visto que a muchos de nuestros clientes les cuesta dar el paso y decidirse a cambiar a estas últimas versiones. Dado que han venido cargadas de novedades en múltiples aspectos, creemos que es un paso lógico y que todos deberíamos de plantearnos llegado el momento.

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