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Novedades con Elastic Stack 5.x (Spanish Version)

En octubre del año pasado ha sido liberada de manera oficial la versión 5.0.0. Desde entonces, han ido saliendo periódicamente actualizaciones y nuevas versiones del stack (la última mientras escribo este artículo es la 5.2.1, del 14 de febrero de 2017).

Sin embargo, desde mimacom hemos visto que a muchos de nuestros clientes les cuesta dar el paso y decidirse a cambiar a estas últimas versiones. Dado que han venido cargadas de novedades en múltiples aspectos, creemos que es un paso lógico y que todos deberíamos de plantearnos llegado el momento.

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How to develop portlets with Spring MVC Portlet in Liferay

If you work as a portlet developer on Liferay Portal based applications, you will probably know that Liferay allows you to use lots of different frameworks in order to accomplish this goal. For instance, you are free to use Struts, JSF, Vaadin, Spring or any other framework you prefer. In adition, Liferay provides out of the box two extra frameworks/tools that can help us in our development tasks:
  • Liferay MVC Portlet framework: a simple, lightweight and easy to understand framework for portlets development. Using this framework, we can manage easily portlet lifecycle and all the requests that it can serve. This is an alternative to third party frameworks such as Spring MVC Portlet, Struts or JSF.
  • Service Builder: using this tool, you will be able to build in an easy way persistence and service layer for your application. This tool is used by Liferay in order to implement its own portlets.
Both of them are great framewoks and, probably, we will write about them in next articles. But, this article, is intended to be a simple guide for those Liferay developers who are interested in use Springframework in their portlets. In this article, we will talk about Spring MVC Portlet but, in coming articles, we will talk also about Spring Data and JPA Repositories. If you are wondering why to use Springframework if Liferay provides its own frameworks, the answer is simple: because you can. We live in a world of possibilities, and, if we work with Liferay Portal, we are free to chose how to develop our applications, so let’s do it. Furthermore, maybe our team are used to work with some specific frameworks in other cotexts so, if we can continue to use these frameworks, we become even more productive.

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Webinar: Liferay Migration CE to EE

Liferay EE offers a lot of benefits especial in the enterprise context. When the decision is taken to migrate to an EE Subscription, than comes the technical challenge migrating the existing portal. In this webinar, we present you how your existing CE portal can be migrated to a EE portal. We showcase common pitfalls and obstacles providing you with insides from our customer migration projects.

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Integration elasticsearch Liferay – a mimacom webinar

Alberto Martínez Ballesteros explains the integration of elasticsearch in a Liferay Portal, an innovation for which mimacom earned the Liferay Innovation Award in 2014, a price awarded by the german Liferay community. The volume of data is growing faster. Elasticsearch is a powerful search engine and data analyzer which provides an extraordinary experience for the user. The elasticsearch index is the basis for the improvement of functionalities, such as autocomplete, synonyms and geo location search. Nowadays, advanced analytics and data visualization can be executed with tools like Kibana, thanks to the elasticsearch index. The elasticsearch integration is the fundamental key in the Big Data strategy for our clients.

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