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Angular component method, the natural evolution

March 29, 2016

One of the cool things that we "were/are/will be" using while coding our front applications with AngularJs is the option to use directives to create our own reusable components. Basically, the main idea of the component was (...and is ...and will be) to have reusable elements that brings their own encapsulated functionality and also the ways to manipulate the data they need. If we were following the common known best practices, we were creating custom components by:

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Keyboard accessibility in web applications

September 16, 2015

Modern Javascript frameworks allow us to achieve smooth user experience in our web applications. In fact, "single page applications" (SPA) have increased in the marketplace because of them. Current developers (of course, me too) can't live without using AngularJS, React, Ember, jQuery… and, of course, without Grunt, Node, Bower, Gulp… It is cool and nice. All of us working with the same map of technologies and trying to get the same goal: the best user experience. But, are we really achieving this goal? or are we forgetting about something/someone? Single page applications have important…

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