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Webinar – Spring for the Elephant

March 5, 2015

Visualise the recording of our Webinar “Spring for the Elephant” (in German) and see how Hadoop and Spring are used to develop stunning BIG DATA Software applications. Apache Hadoop and its rapidly growing ecosystem (eg . As Pig , Hive , HBase , etc.) has enjoyed a lot of attention in recent time. We answer the following questions:

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A day without Atlassian tools?!

February 19, 2015

There are plenty of interviews and articles praising the added value of using Atlassian tools. To check those perspectives, as an experiment, we turned it around … They say we only really appreciate the value of things after they’re gone. Imagine the following situation: We are a medium-sized software development company, with branches in a few European countries. Together we have around 150 employees, most of them developers, project managers, line managers and administration. All employees use Atlassian tools like JIRA, Confluence, etc., in their daily work. Looking at the daily work log of…

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Visualize BIG Data with ELK – a mimacom Webinar

February 4, 2015

Big Data visualization, easy and beautiful with Kibana. The Webinar in German “Visualize Data with ELK” focuses on the data visualization with Kibana, which is part of the elasticsearch ELK application stack. ​During the webinar we create a Kibana dashboard that includes real time interactive reports and graphic charts. These outputs allow you to dig into your dataset and start analyzing patterns. We also show you how to import from log file data using Logstash and other data sources, such as Hadoop. ​The webinar is mainly intended for Data Analysts and Leaders of IT-Departments, as well as…

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Introduction to React and Flux

January 27, 2015

Single page applications (SPA) have became the standard for building of modern web applications. The main reason for this is the smooth user experience, which is achieved by employing Javascript frameworks and libraries when communicating with the backend server. Frameworks and libraries such as Angular, Ember, jQuery, Durandal, Backbone, React, Meteor, Grunt, Bower, NPM, Gulp, Broccoli, Karma, Jasmine, Mocha … WAIT WHAT? There are too many technologies to navigate effectively and frameworks are becoming obsolete even before becoming the standard (I am looking at you Angular 1.3, hmm 1.4 but…

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