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Proper unit-testing of Angular JS 1.X applications with (ES6) modules

October 11, 2015

Testing of Angular JS application used to be quite painful especially when using "official" solutions like Karma or Protractor. ES6 (aka ES2015, aka new Javascript release) changed this by introducing standardized module syntax. This enables us to do real unit testing of Angular JS constructs like controllers, factories or services in a very simple and fast fashion.

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Introduction to Spring Boot

September 30, 2015

Some months ago I attended the Spring IO 2015 event hosted in Barcelona. There were quite a big list of interesting talks and workshops regarding the main new features of the Spring ecosystem, which includes a new version of Spring, Spring Cloud, micro-services architecture, WebSockets, etc. Something that kept my attention was that all or almost all of the examples created for the talks and workshops were created with the amazing tool created by Pivotal and released last year called Spring Boot. Before Spring Boot, creating Spring-based application sometimes was a painful process in terms of…

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Keyboard accessibility in web applications

September 16, 2015

Modern Javascript frameworks allow us to achieve smooth user experience in our web applications. In fact, "single page applications" (SPA) have increased in the marketplace because of them. Current developers (of course, me too) can't live without using AngularJS, React, Ember, jQuery… and, of course, without Grunt, Node, Bower, Gulp… It is cool and nice. All of us working with the same map of technologies and trying to get the same goal: the best user experience. But, are we really achieving this goal? or are we forgetting about something/someone? Single page applications have important…

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An introduction to the NoSQL world

August 26, 2015

In this blog post the NoSQL world will be introduced in as simple words as possible. All main types of NoSQL databases will be described incuding some examples for every one of each to have a good understanding of the subject. The world has changed recently and the NoSQL trend is getting stronger and stronger. Old fashion applications working only with relational databases are rare nowadays. The way of developing applications has changed, single server side architecture and heavy clients is not a trend anymore. Till 2010 number of Internet users grew almost linearly – that means more and more…

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How to develop portlets with Spring MVC Portlet in Liferay

July 7, 2015

If you work as a portlet developer on Liferay Portal based applications, you will probably know that Liferay allows you to use lots of different frameworks in order to accomplish this goal. For instance, you are free to use Struts, JSF, Vaadin, Spring or any other framework you prefer. In adition, Liferay provides out of the box two extra frameworks/tools that can help us in our development tasks:

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