QCON London 2020

March 17, 2020

The last week I attended to the QCon London 2020 Conference (thanks mimacom for the opportunity!). It was a cool experience where I had the chance to learn from others' experience on software engineering. These are the notes I made for the talks that caught my attention the most:

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A quick dive into NestJS

December 27, 2018

Back in july I participated in JSCamp, a two day event focused on javascript-based technologies. Between all the awesome frontend stuff I saw there, there was one framework who really woke up the backend guy that lives inside of me.

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DDD eXchange 2017

June 5, 2017

Last year I went to several conferences, one about JavaScript and at least two about Java. Unfortunately, the last conference was rather boring since at every Java conference they are talking about the same cool Java 8 and Java 9 stuff, for example project Jig-Saw or Lambda expressions. After listening to several “Java User Group” talks and attending one Java conference there will not be a lot of new content in another three-day conference. In my opinion this is sad and I decided this year to go to more specialised conferences.

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Microservices (part 1)

November 19, 2015

What is a microservices architecture? The microservices architecture pattern consists in functionally decompose a project into a set of collaborative services. Each service will take care of a concrete functionality, a concrete domain. Services will be developed independently, avoiding coupling between them. If needed, services can communicate through an exposed API, using HTTP/REST calls, for instance. Using this approach, multiple developers can work on the same project in a more independent way. Each service will have its own database (schema or set of tables) which will not be accessed by…

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