Continuous Engineering

Getting to Cloud DevOps: A Basic Checklist

July 31, 2019

With cloud platforms such as Cloud Foundry more and more teams move from a development-only team to a DevOps-enabled team. The aim in doing so is in continuously improving the application development lifecycle by moving fast from idea to production. Though, with development and operations efforts that need to get done some teams have less operations experience and neglect some important operational aspects. This blog post comprises a basic checklist that teams can go along and decide for themselves whether they want to increase efforts for a specific topic. Personally, I believe that any real…

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Automating Cloud Foundry Upgrades with Concourse CI

May 31, 2019

With the frequency of patch releases being available for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), it becomes inevitable to automate their roll out in any professional operations setup. The patch releases often contain security fixes that harden the deployment, but also lot's of bug fixes that are highly useful to roll out. Typically, operators need to not only upgrade a single Cloud Foundry environment, but have to operate and patch multiple deployments of Cloud Foundry.

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Deploying Concourse as BOSH Deployment

May 7, 2018

Concourse is a highly versatile continuous-thing-doer. At mimacom, we use Concourse a lot to automate Cloud Foundry deployments and naturally, when there is Cloud Foundry there is also BOSH as underlying deployment automation. Concourse has different deployment options, of which one is a BOSH deployment. In this blog post we will walk through how to prepare and setup a Concourse BOSH deployment.

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