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Testing an Angular 2 Service with a Mocked HTTP Interface

October 27, 2016

Angular 2 is the successor of the famous and broadly used AngularJS Javascript Framework, for building dynamic web applications. Due to the huge success and popularity of its predecessor, some client projects started using Angular 2 before its official release. This resulted in Angular 2 becoming one of the most famous platforms for web and hybrid application development. Although this framework is relatively new there are already a lot of tutorials and examples explaining how to develop an Angular 2 application. However, there is one aspect of Angular 2 that is not widely covered, but is…

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Developing plugins for Liferay DXP with Maven

July 27, 2016

A new major version of Liferay has been released past May with a lot of new features. One of the most important is related to plug-ins architecture. Basically Liferay is a web application running in a Java EE application container where plug-ins were built as separate web applications. But DXP introduces a module framework based on the OSGi architecture.

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Making your life easier with Sass

July 13, 2016

When I entered my current project one of the first things I noticed was it used stylesheet languages for its styles. "Yay!", I thought. But then I opened up one of those files and found nothing but plain vanilla CSS inside. It was the same for most of them. No nesting, no variables, no mixins, no inheritance, no operators… Well, you get the idea. I won't judge anyone and I'd rather believe those who wrote them didn't use them just because they didn't know how to. So I thought it would be interesting to write a short article explaining the basics of them. I could be explaining LESS instead of…

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CeBIT2016 Speech Fintech (german)

April 1, 2016

Matthias Gläser, Head of Business Consulting at mimacom has given a lecture on the digitalization of the banks at the CeBit. Learn in the lecture how the banking will change in the future, what customers expect from the digital bank and which homework banks have on the road to digitalization:

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Angular component method, the natural evolution

March 29, 2016

One of the cool things that we "were/are/will be" using while coding our front applications with AngularJs is the option to use directives to create our own reusable components. Basically, the main idea of the component was (...and is ...and will be) to have reusable elements that brings their own encapsulated functionality and also the ways to manipulate the data they need. If we were following the common known best practices, we were creating custom components by:

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